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Coach Nellie

Over the years, Jeff has cut his teeth and gained a wealth of knowledge in endurance multisport. He has completed 10+ Ironman 140.6 races, 25+ Ironman 70.3, and many other distances. In addition, he has qualified for Olympic National Championships four times and made Ironman All World Athlete three years in a row. Over the years, Jeff has spent much time educating himself and researching cutting-edge training methods.

Jeff is a Level I USAT Coaching and is certified in Metabolic Analysis. He continues to broaden his education within coaching and the sport to guide his athletes better. He enjoys working with my athletes, being a part of developing athletes, and laying the path to help them achieve their goals.

Jeff’s coaching uses a technical approach, leveraging the latest technology methods like PNOE Metabolic VO2 testing to understand athletes better to build a science-backed plan based on the athlete’s physiology and not guesswork. He also focuses on building resilience in athletes to prevent them from injury and improve longevity in life and the sport. Some resiliency strategies tie into Cold/Hot Therapy, Muscle Mobility/Pliability, and Strength Training concepts.

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