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Coach Scott

Scott has been involved in endurance sports throughout his life, as both a participant and a coach. His introduction into the sport was simply as a kid who wanted to spend time with his father. Scott’s father was overweight, out of shape, and was living an unhealthy lifestyle. In 1980 he decided that he was going to fundamentally change his life….and it began by completing a 10k running race. As most children do, Scott emulated his father’s behavior, and ran the race as well, completing his first 10k at 10 years old. From that point on, running became a fixture in the family culture. During high school, Scott racked up a number of Invitational and District titles in Cross Country and Track & Field. As a multiple time competitor on the State and National level, he continued his running career into his early collegiate years at Slippery Rock University.

As an older athlete, Scott has continued to enjoy participating and competing in endurance sports. Highlights include completing four Ironman triathlons (three in under 12 hours), completing seven half-Ironman triathlons, and competing in numerous marathons, including the 2018 Boston Marathon. Scott is USA Track & Field certified coach and is presently completing Ironman University certification. As a youth coach, Scott has trained a wide range of athletes, including those that moved on to compete at the NCAA D1 level.

As a co-owner of Victory Multisport, Scott is continuing to share his passion for endurance sports.

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